About Us

Our lives are surrounded by dogs and we love them. For the dog lovers like us, there are not many blogs really explaining about the beauty of having a dog, what it can do to for your children growing up with a dog and the multiple choice in kennels.

We have won many prizes over the years with our beautiful two dogs: Sandy and Mandy. Unfortunately our oldtimer Grace passed away in 2015 and we still miss him dearly.

As dog lovers and travellers that we are we found a suitable sponsor to at least cover our blog costs for the first year and so you can read our adventures 100% advertisement free (Jeeejh). But please do have visit to their site to support us from time to time.

We are completely open to receiving dog photos from our readers, if you have some please send it via one of the many photo sharing websites and place the link in the submit form. When we have a nice serie we will definitely put it out there!